HKTVmall delivers seamless online shopping experience with AppDynamics

Key benefits

Improved server performance by identifying and resolving issues

Supported over 10X the volume of customer traffic

Gained peace of mind with greater visibility into application memory

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HKTVmall keeps customers satisfied with ecommerce that works seamlessly, even during the highest peaks of customer activity. With AppDynamics, HKTVmall gains visibility into potential performance issues and resolves them quickly to avoid slowness and downtime.

“AppDynamics gives us peace of mind. We don’t worry about any kind of peak or surge because we know they will keep our business running.”

Anthony Ng
Head of IT Services, HKTVmall 


Deftly handle surges in online customer traffic without suffering sudden or ongoing performance issues that impact the customer experience.


AppDynamics provides HKTVmall with the real-time visibility and system information they need to keep critical ecommerce operations running and proactively identify and resolve potential performance issues.


HKTVmall has eliminated ongoing performance issues that had previously plagued them during intense periods of customer activity, enabling customers to easily shop as expected and preventing lost revenue. 

AppDynamics was able to deliver immediate value by identifying, resolving, and even eliminating significant performance issues that our previous solution was never able to address.”

Anthony Ng
Head of IT Services, HKTVmall


Optimal customer experience for a busy shopping hub

HKTVmall (HKTVmall) is Hong Kong’s largest 24-hour online shopping mall, with a buzzing one-stop shop ecommerce platform that not only sells a wide range of consumer products, but also includes video live streaming and delivery services. HKTVmall continually strives to provide an impressive customer experience, which requires a powerful ecommerce platform that can easily support high-volume consumer shopping without sacrificing performance.

When COVID hit, HKTVmall’s traffic increased tenfold. The surge in online shopping sent its previous SAP Hybris ecommerce platform into overdrive, and it was barely able to keep up. When a significant surge in online shopping during the 2021 Chinese New Year resulted in serious performance issues, the platform’s provider was unable to diagnose or resolve the problem, instead offering to reboot the server as the only available fix. As the performance issues continued, so did the server reboots, with no real resolution.


Critical intelligence for ecommerce success


In an effort to resolve performance issues once and for all, HKTVmall adopted AppDynamics as their application performance monitoring solution of choice. Using AppDynamics for their backend servers and ecommerce, the company finally gained much-needed visibility to identify a recurring problem with application memory and resolve it. Combined with 24/7 monitoring and detailed alerts, HKTVmall’s IT team can now stay ahead of potential performance issues and make quick, on-the-spot decisions to ensure customer shopping and search activity aren’t adversely impacted.

“Prior to AppDynamics, we had to constantly reboot the server, sometimes ten times in a row, whenever there were performance issues,” says Anthony Ng, HKTVmall’s head of IT. “AppDynamics was able to deliver immediate value by identifying a memory problem, then resolving and even eliminating significant performance issues that our previous solution was never able to address.”

“AppDynamics is the partner and platform we need to support our ongoing growth.”

Anthony Ng
Head of IT Services, HKTVmall 


Knowledge and visibility to drive the business forward

With AppDynamics in place, HKTVmall has gained peace of mind, knowing they can understand what’s going on with their business at all times and take the necessary steps to keep it running at optimal levels. With the information and analysis they’ve been able to glean from their own systems, the IT team operates with greater agility and is able to implement new ideas quickly to support a variety of business models and promotions. The IT team’s confidence has also allowed the company to expand their presence in the Hong Kong region and extend themselves as a true technology partner to other retail brands and businesses that want to host online shopping.

“We see a real difference in our partnership with Cisco and AppDynamics compared to our previous solution,” says Ng. “They are as invested in our customers’ experience as we are. They were able to come in, help us understand and see our entire application environment, and we now have confidence that we can deliver the seamless, high-quality shopping experience our customers expect.”

About HKTVmall

As Hong Kong's largest 24-hour online shopping mall, HKTVmall supports tens of thousands of daily orders and has recorded Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) reaching HK$633 million in August 2021. The “one-stop shop” platform includes video live streaming, online shopping, delivery service, and impressive customer experience to people in Hong Kong. The platform is owned by Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Limited, a Hong Kong listed company (SEHK: 1137) which expanded business overseas and globally in 2020. The Group possesses extensive and successful experience in telecom market liberalization, popularizing advanced technology and applications.


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