Scicom Infrastructure Services Delivers Stability and Efficiency with AppDynamics

Key Benefits

Rolled out AppDynamics to Scicom's support team and largest customers after a successful Proof of Concept

Business iQ allowed Scicom's customers to understand both the technical and business impact of an issue on their systems

Ease of use encouraged adoption


One of the areas where Scicom excels is in application performance. “Because we work with mission-critical environments, we have to be extremely careful about performance,” said Sid Roy, Vice President of Operations and Client Support at Scicom. “We accomplish this by offering a combination of application support and application management tools to our customers to help them troubleshoot issues on their own.”

The biggest challenge in monitoring the performance of his customer’s applications is selecting tools that provide the visibility his team and customers need without incurring too much overhead on the application. “There’s a delicate balance between overhead and visibility,” said Roy. “Because these applications are so important, we don’t like to use heavy monitoring tools in production.”


About Scicom

Scicom Infrastructure Services provides a full suite of IT services, everything from infrastructure management to application development and management. Scicom helps its customers—who range from casinos to hospitals to public safety departments—to build, procure, and customize software packages depending on the customer’s unique problems and business goals. These customers depend on Scicom’s infrastructure and services for the daily functioning of their business-critical applications.


This changed when one of Scicom’s customers asked about AppDynamics. Roy and his colleagues did an evaluation with the tool and were impressed with the results. “We realized immediately what we had in our hands,” Roy said. “It’s true instrumentation technology that can be run in production with extremely low overhead. It’s the only tool I’ve seen that can do that.”

Scicom partnered with AppDynamics shortly after completing their proof-of-concept. Since then, Roy has rolled out AppDynamics to Scicom’s own support team and several of Scicom’s largest customers. “AppDynamics allows us to help our customers troubleshoot without impacting the performance of their apps with a lot of overhead,” he said.


Roy is excited about bringing AppDynamics to new customers and industries. “I think AppDynamics has a lot to offer our healthcare and public safety customers,” he said. “We build software for a lot of police departments and hospitals. We think introducing AppDynamics here will help to more easily recognize and fix problems in these really important applications.”

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