Android Application Performance Monitoring

Ensure the performance of your Android mobile application

The AppDynamics Android performance monitor platform provides real-time insights into your Android mobile application performance around the world. Continuously monitor data by Android device type, carrier, region, and more to gain end-to-end visibility of your mobile end-user experience, and proactively identify and fix performance bottlenecks.


Understand audience analytics

Make data-driven decisions by understanding key mobile audience information like device used, connection type, carrier, OS, and application versions.

Isolate root cause

Pinpoint where your Android app is making inefficient use of resources – CPU usage, memory, GPU, network, and device battery. With detailed reports for Android mobile application crashes and hangs, you can quickly isolate the root-cause issues and fix them fast.


Real-time business metrics

Correlate Android application performance metrics to the metrics that matter most to your business and get real-time insight when performance deviates from the baseline.

Analyze crash metrics

Focus your development efforts by understanding what is driving Android application crash activity – the application, platform or device.

Correlate server performance

Gain end-to-end visibility of your end-user experience on Android devices by comparing client and server performance side-by-side and then tracing problems directly to the underlying server components.


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