Database Wait Events and Locks

Optimizing your application will only get you so far – when most of your application's functionality relies on the database, it's important to have some insight into how it's performing and where it needs to be tuned. With AppDynamics for Databases, you'll have deep insight into common database issues without having to call in the experts.

Key Benefits

Rapid root cause diagnosis in production

Proactively identify performance issues

Prioritize issues based on business impact

Easy to use database monitoring

With AppDynamics for Databases, anyone can quickly identify common database performance issues like database wait events and drill down to find root cause. With the insight that AppDynamics for Databases provides, you'll no longer have to wait on your DBA to provide analysis on top database wait states - you can find and troubleshoot problems yourself based on how they impact your end users.

Rich, granular data

If your application is critical to your business, then simply polling the database every few minutes isn't enough. In order to respond quickly to potentially damaging issues in your database, you need fine-grained data in your live production environment. AppDynamics for Databases provides this data in real time so you'll never have to worry about missing anything.

Built for high-volume production

Unlike other database profiling tools, AppDynamics for Databases is designed for high-volume production environments. With its agentless technology, AppDynamics is minimally invasive, and generally incurs less than 1% overhead on the database.

More About AppDynamics for Databases

AppDynamics for Databases is designed to be used by both the application teams and DBAs. For application teams, it provides an intuitive user interface for quickly identifying and troubleshooting performance issues within the database. For DBAs, it provides deeper insight into issues and areas for optimization within the database, like areas where database lock contention is causing a bottleneck.

Supported Database Platforms

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