GlassFish Performance Monitoring


Oracle GlassFish Server is a flexible, lightweight, and production-ready Java EE application server. Based on source code released by Sun and Oracle, it uses a derivative of Apache Tomcat as the servlet container for serving Web content, with an added component called Grizzly which uses Java New I/O (NIO) for scalability and speed. Oracle GlassFish implementations enable developers to create both server-side Java and java based dynamic language applications that are portable, scalable, and integrate easily with legacy technologies. Connecting, scaling and accelerating legacy and modern applications is AppDynamics’ wheelhouse, making it the perfect choice for your GlassFish environments.

With market-leading capabilities in all Java application scenarios, AppDynamics is the premier performance management solution for Oracle GlassFish use cases. It’s the only business-centric, unified platform for monitoring and managing server-side Java and dynamic language applications together for superior end-to-end performance. AppDynamics discovers, baselines, monitors, and diagnoses Oracle GlassFish applications in real time in both IT business contexts. Support your entire application ecosystem with AppDynamics.

Backend and Web Monitoring

  • Automatically discover and dynamically baseline GlassFish instances in the context of your entire application environment

  • Manage the connectivity, responsiveness and scalability of GlassFish web applications and their backend dependencies in real time

  • Speed MTTR by pinpointing issues wherever they are from infrastructure to end user

Business-Centric Management

  • Automatically discover business transactions in the context of application performance in real time

  • Quickly pinpoint root causes wherever they are, from code and infrastructure to cloud, and map them to business KPIs  

  • Prioritize business-critical performance issues by seeing outcomes through the end user’s eyes

Complex OS Monitoring

  • Monitor GlassFish applications developed for multiple operating systems

  • Get real-time visibility across Windows, Unix, and Linux

  • Save time and reduce complexity with unified monitoring in complex GlassFish environments

DevOps Integration Support

  • Automatically monitor and assess GlassFish application behavior from dev through production

  • Capture, share and act on deep diagnostics and easily compare release changes

  • Enable fact-based test, development, and production process improvement

Memory and JVM Visibility

  • Get an in-depth view of heap and real-time memory use, object instance, and garbage collection, and all properties in JVM environments

  • Identify memory leaks and garbage collection issues to optimize application response time and CPU use

  • Proactively monitor memory and JVMs to continuously maintain stable, high-performing GlassFish applications

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