Keep Oracle WebLogic Applications SOA-Ready


Oracle WebLogic Server is an open, standards-based and enterprise-ready Java EE application server for deploying mission-critical applications in a robust, secure, highly available, and scalable environment. WebLogic Server includes a rich development and deployment framework for standardized, modular Java EE applications, making it an ideal foundation for building service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions. AppDynamics is the only business-centric, unified platform for monitoring and managing the complexity of your SOA environment.

SOA is more relevant than ever with cloud, microservices and IoT. AppDynamics manages your Oracle WebLogic applications in the context of these modern and highly complex environments. From development and test through production, we discover, baseline, monitor, and diagnose WebLogic applications in real time in business and IT contexts. Drive SOA relevance with AppDynamics.

Service Flow Dependency Mapping

  • Automatically discover and map WebLogic Server application dependencies across your entire SOA environment

  • Optimize WebLogic apps in the context of your IT ecosystem in real time

  • Save time and streamline service level compliance with correlated monitoring and management

Dynamic Service Level Baselining

  • Automatically baseline and dynamically update service or business transaction performance

  • Know what “normal” looks like at all times in your SOA environment and get alerted only to critical changes

  • Free up valuable resources by eliminating false alerts.

SOA Health Rule Management

  • Set service level health rules and policies based on dynamic baselining

  • Keep key WebLogic performance thresholds continually updated to manage to SLAs

  • Eliminate fire drills by managing services with consistent, standardized policies

DevOps Integration Support

  • Automatically monitor and assess WebLogic application behavior from development and test through production

  • Capture, share and act on deep diagnostics before production and easily compare release changes

  • Eliminate guesswork and enable faster test, development, and production process improvement

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