Managed Standalone Applications


With the AppDynamics platform you can monitor the performance of your managed standalone applications, and gain real-time performance visibility and the ability to find the root cause of code bottlenecks in seconds – all in production and with minimal overhead and configuration effort.

Managed Standalone Applications Framework

The .NET framework may be used to assemble simple standalone applications that are not necessarily run on an IIS web server or require WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) or ASP.NET frameworks to be built. These applications typically are traditional Windows executable (.exe) applications that are designed to be run on a client Windows PC. Typically the application is created using Visual Studio .NET, which provides developers with common application types like Windows Forms, along with class libraries and scripts to make configuration fast and simple. .NET also comes with the ability to collect concurrency data by using the Profiler Command Line, as well as a "Garbage Collector" feature that automatically frees memory when an application (or component of an application) isn’t in use to prevent memory leaks.

Automatic application discovery

Automatically discover the entire topology of your .NET application and enable your team to spend time on innovation instead of configuration.

Display key performance indicators

Gain a real-time view of your .NET application's entire health by monitoring load, average, response time and error rate for the application, and dynamic baselines for all of these values to show what's normal vs abnormal.

Real-time business metrics

Correlate .NET application performance metrics to the metrics that matter most to your business and get real-time insight when performance deviates from the baseline.

Distributed call graphs

Follow a user request as it traverses your distributed application and collect end-to-end code execution and latency data to provide context required to isolate root cause quickly.

Monitor infrastructure metrics

Get a single view of your system resources on any machine by collecting and monitoring performance metrics like CPU utilization, RAM utilization, and memory in heap.

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